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Surge Protection Questions

Q. Why do I need surge protection for appliances in my home or business today, when this was not as serious an issue in the past?

A. Home and business owners today have become more dependent on sensitive electronic equipment and appliances. These units have certainly added to our standard of living, but they contain microchips, circuit boards with miniature parts and very tiny pathways for electric current flow. These microchips, unlike appliances of years past with large wiring and electrical parts, are more easily affected by voltage fluctuations.

Q. What does a surge protector do for my appliance or equipment?

A. Surge protectors absorb voltage spikes that come into your home or business. Examples of occurrences that can cause spikes are storms and automobile accidents involving power lines. Equipment start-ups can also cause these surges inside your homes, such as refrigerators, freezers and clothes dryers as their motors cycle on and off. Surge protectors prevent these spikes from getting to the appliance and damaging the delicate circuitry.

Q. Will a surge protector prevent me from losing my Internet connection when the lights dim?

A. No, surge protectors do not function as a power supply in the event of low voltage or an outage. To avoid this problem you will need an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This device has a storage battery that keeps your computer operating when voltage drops or is lost for a few moments. Incidentally some UPS units also have surge protection built into them.

Q. Who can help me to determine what I need to protect my home appliances or business equipment?

A. The energy experts at Harrison REMC can answer your questions and assist you in selecting the appropriate protectors from the high quality product line available from the REMC. You can contact the office by calling 738-4115 or 923-9819.

An Explanation of Surge Protection:

Surge Suppressor (or protector)
Directs harmful power disturbances safely through a bypass path of least resistance to ground. This protects your sensitive computer components.

The Dangers of Damage
Unprotected power can scramble your computer data, prematurely wear components, or destroy expensive chips.

Response Time
a low quality surge protector has a 5-nanosecond response time, sometime even slower. This is too slow to be effective. High quality surge protector can have as fast as 1 nanosecond response time.

Most devices purchased in a hardware store have no warranty or only one year. REMC devices not only have a warranty covering the device, but also any equipment attached to it.


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