Ebill Application

I authorize Harrison REMC to draw monthly drafts on my bank account as listed below for the payment of my monthly electric bill.  I understand I can discontinue my participation in APP by submitting a written notice to the REMC.  Both the REMC and the bank also may terminate this agreement.  I understand the REMC reserves the right to limit participation in APP to members whose accounts are in good standing. 

**please email or mail a voided check (or copy of a check) when returning this completed form.  The mailing address is Harrison REMC, P.O. Box 517, Corydon IN 47112 or the email is cracicot@harrisonremc.com .  Your monthly electric bill will indicate when your payment will be drafted by displaying the message: BANK DRAFT- Do not pay.

I authorize Harrison REMC to send my bill to the above email address.

I understand I can discontinue my participation in Ebill by submitting a written request to the REMC.

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